Smart Savings

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While the purchase of a new high-efficiency air conditioning system may seem more expensive up front than a lesser expensive, lower efficiency model… over the course of time… it ends up costing less. A high efficiency system can save you on energy costs from the first day of installation, which can add up to saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, over the lifetime of your investment.

At TriCounty HVAC we recognize that many families may not have the available funds required to make an unexpected major purchase. And, even if you have available funds, financing, in many cases makes the most sense. We have several options to choose from when you are making a decision to finance.

TriCounty HVAC offers various financing plans that are tailored to fit your needs. And the best news is––that energy savings that results from replacing your old, inefficient system can pay you back! In fact, replacing a 10 SEER air conditioning unit installed in the mid 2000s with a high-efficiency 18 SEER model can save up to 48 percent in annual cooling utility costs.

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